Vine Resume

That time I went viral.
It was no accident.

New platform.
Gave me an idea:
Showcase my storytelling. Defend my existence. In 6-seconds.

Planned it out.
Saw a news peg. Scrapped the plans. Rushed to market.
Seized the opportunity. Socialized, marketed, interviewed.
No accident at all.

Colleague Gifts

Baby Book: Team Gift for a Colleague

I love bringing colleagues together to foster team culture. Nothing beats a parting gift that makes everyone cry.

Beloved co-worker, Mike, was moving on, just as he was about to become a father. I had an idea.

Collaborating with our art director and interviewing teammates past and present — we told the story of Mike’s adventures at Google and had it printed as a board book.

The whole team cried.

Infographic Holiday Card